Top 2 Veterinary Assistant Schools

#1 Ashworth College Click Here for More Info
#2 Animal Behavior College Click Here for More Info

Veterinary assistant’s main job duty is to assist vets in the clinic and laboratory. Some of the responsibilities include taking care of animals, disinfecting the clinic and cages, sterilizing laboratory equipment, administering medications to animals, and preparing basic samples for laboratory tests. This occupation is very rewarding for animal lovers. However, at times it can be dangerous and unpleasant due to the job nature. To become a veterinary assistant, a person needs to complete a two-year associate program at an accredited veterinary assistant school. For more job opportunities, it is better to finish a four-year program in one of the veterinary assistant colleges.

Veterinary Assistant Schools

The American Veterinary Medical Association has accredited certain veterinary assistant colleges to provide professional training programs. Students also have the option to pursue a degree through online veterinary assistant schools. Some of these colleges include Penn Foster Career School, PIMA Medical Institute, Kaplan College, and Ashworth College. Among these schools, Ashworth College and Penn Foster Career School are online veterinary assistant schools that allow students to maintain a flexible schedule.

Veterinary Assistant Training

Students enrolled in a veterinary assistant school should expect to learn how to obtain animal health records, provide nursing care, and assist in operations. They will take classes in veterinary anatomy and physiology, clinical lab procedure and pathology, animal nursing and diagnostic imaging, animal life stages and husbandry, and pharmacology. Veterinary assistant schools usually offer three types of program: associate’s, bachelor’s, and certificate. A certificate program requires less than one year to complete, while an associate’s degree will require two and four for the bachelor’s program. The tuition for a veterinary assistant training program can be as low as $800 per quarter, while a prestigious training program like the one in Purdue University can cost $7,750 per semester.


Before enrolling in a veterinary training program, the person needs to consider his/her commitment to animal welfare as the job can be extremely demanding.

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