Veterinary Assistant Job Description

Looking for a career? Love animals? How about becoming a veterinary assistant? Learn how you can get the qualification to become involved in the care and treatment of many different types of animals. Learn how you can obtain your veterinary assistant qualification and join many others who are already working in this exciting field.

Veterinary Assistant Education

Becoming a veterinary assistant requires a high school diploma. You can attend an accredited veterinary assistant program or study at home with on-line courses while continuing to work in your present occupation.

What is a veterinary assistant?

A veterinary assistant is the perfect career for a person who loves animals and enjoys taking care of them. The people who choose these careers are essentially the veterinarian’s right hand, nurse and assistant.

Veterinary Assistant specializations

Veterinary assistant duties can include specializing in the care of small animals, such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, frogs and snakes, or large animals, like horses, cattle and large zoo animals. Specializations in these careers also include emergency and critical care, internal medicine, dentistry, anesthesia, and veterinary behavior.

What are the veterinary assistant job description, duties and responsibilities?

A Veterinary assistant job description and duties could include working in the front office of a veterinary practice, clinic or pet hospital. Veterinary assistant description and duties may require them to work closely with the veterinarian and may assist with any task required. Veterinary assistant duties will require the skills to help with the care of caged animals, feeding and watering, clipping nails, exercising, securely holding animals during treatment, and exercising animals. Veterinary assistant skills include treating and diagnosing medical conditions and diseases. For example using your veterinary assistant skills you may perform urinalysis and blood tests, teeth cleaning and extractions, taking and preparing tissue samples, or assisting in a variety of tests and analyses, cleaning and disinfecting cages and work areas, sterilizing lab and surgical equipment, providing routine post-operative care, and administering medication orally or topically are some of the veterinary assistant skills required.

The working environment of a veterinary assistant:

The veterinary assistant job description includes the knowledge of office procedure. In this position working with pet owners to answer their questions and concerns, accept payments on accounts and handle scheduling for the veterinarian are all part of helping run a smooth functioning office. Front office, or clinic care, a veterinary assistant works in an environment utilizing many different job skills.

Veterinary Assistant Career opportunities and outlook

With the proper training and you could be working in any number of positions quicker than you can imagine. As more pet owners requiring expert care of their animals and pets, a career in this field is a stable choice to make during these economically challenging times. According to BLS, the projected 2008 -2018 employment change is much faster than average. Take a look at veterinary assistant careers today.

Where can you usually find a job in this career?

Your veterinary assistant qualification would enable you to work many valuable areas. Veterinary assistant careers include working in specialty offices, clinics, pet emergency hospitals and research clinics, shelters and zoo’s. Where do you want to apply your veterinary assistant qualification?

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