Veterinary Assistant Training

Do you love animals? Consider earning a veterinary assistant degree. Veterinary assistant programs prepare students to work alongside veterinarians in animal hospitals and research centers. Veterinary assistant training shows you how to help veterinarians provide the best medical care to animals of all types. Students in such programs learn to assist veterinarians with medical examinations. They also learn how to deal with clients and their pets throughout the course of the workday. A typical day may include conducting lab tests, assisting with dental procedures and surgeries and taking x-rays. Online veterinary assistant programs are available to prospective students who are unable to attend classes at a brick and mortal school.

Many veterinary assistants hold an associate’s degree in the field. This particular type of degree is generally earned within two years. Some programs lead to a bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology. Aspiring veterinary technicians should seek schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. Upon graduation, future veterinary technicians are eligible to take the credentialing exam for veterinary technologists. The exam includes written, practical and oral sections that must be successfully completed in order to pass the test.

People who decide to become veterinary assistants should demonstrate a deep love for animals and have the desire to provide them with the best care. Veterinary assistants must also be skilled at interacting with people, since they must deal with pets’ owners in often stressful situations.

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